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Brass fittings are popular because they are strong and durable and hence widely used in industrial and residential applications. The use of brass to make various fittings provides a distinct look because of its yellow color. The advantages of brass for fittings include its good corrosive resistance, and also its plating, joining, polishing and finishing characteristics. Brass as a material is easily machined and hence can be given any shapes of the various types of fittings available. Our brass fittings are available in both leaded and lead-free brass.

With our domestic engineering and manufacturing plant here locally in Kansas City, and our network of manufacturing facilities worldwide, Midland Industries strives to be your source to help you deliver the value and service your customers expect. Our fittings are made consistently to a high standard of quality and to the specifications in our catalog and website. This means you buy with confidence knowing you will receive the same high quality fitting every time.

Domestic, made in the USA

Midland Industries’ engineering and design team works closely through distributors with OEM’s in the industrial, automotive, trucking, HVAC, and consumer & commercial electronics, appliance, and fluid industries. We can take an original design concept into final production in a matter of weeks. With our local domestic manufacturing plant right here in Kansas City, and our network of manufacturing facilities worldwide, we hope to be your source for all of your fitting needs.


Fittings Assortments and Displays are available for most product categories. These customer-friendly modular bin displays keep products organized for easier product maintenance. Header cards are also available to assist in proper product/sizing selection. Lift product sales and satisfy customers with these best in industry merchandisers.

Lead Free

In 2011, the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act was signed into law. The Act has reduced the lead content allowed in drinking water system and plumbing materials by changing the definition of "lead-free" in Section 1417of the Safe Drinking Water Act.


Midland Industries products and facilities are certified as complying with NSF and NSF/ANSI 61 and all applicable requirements. Our products appearing in the NSF official listing are authorized to bear the official NSF mark. Most companies claim to be compliant, few are officially certified.