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Domestic Manufacturing

Midland Industries is a leading manufacturer of industrial fitting products for use by OEM’s and wholesale distributors.


Based in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, MAF is a leading manufacturer of industrial fitting products for use by OEM’s and industrial & plumbing wholesaler-distributors.

With over 70 Acme, Davenport, and Kingsbury screw machines MAF can manufacture and package over 5,000 industry standard fitting products for an infinite variety of industries worldwide. MAF can manufacture a fitting for just about any imaginable fluid or gas connection application and can be found as original equipment and certified replacement parts on a vast array of consumer products. These parts are then produced in volume, warehoused and shipped from our network of North American distribution centers, where we can process orders with considerably lower freight costs for our customers while achieving fast delivery.

MAF’s Engineering and Design team works closely with OEM’s daily in the automotive, trucking, HVAC, industrial cleaning, consumer and commercial electronics, consumer and commercial appliance, and fluid power industries to take original design concepts, sometimes drawn on nothing more than the lid of a pizza box over lunch. We then move seamlessly from CAD drawing phase, to prototype phase, to sample production phase, on into final production phase in a matter of weeks. We use a variety of CNC machining capabilities at our disposal, including “Miltronics Vertical Machining Center”, and “Okuma Turning Centers” complete with “Live Tooling” on both long and short beds to create specialty custom parts while achieving maximum quality, efficiency, and cost savings for the customer.

We do all of this while maintaining one of the highest customer service and product in-stock levels in our industry. MAF can manufacture and warehouse all of your high volume fittings providing you with a high quality, USA made fitting at a competitive price, shipped in increments that improve your fill rates, inventory turns, and customer satisfaction. Once you have tried MAF you will never want to switch suppliers again. We look forward to gaining your fitting business in the future.

MAF is committed to be an industry leader in environmental “Best Practices” and will apply it to all aspects of our business.

We believe continuous improvement is our responsibility in every element of our business. The environment is no exception. We will strive to be a steward of our planet by utilizing the latest technologies and innovations to achieve that goal.


  1. Comply with all legal and regulatory environmental requirements
  2. Develop products that lead our industry in environmental responsibility.
  3. We will encourage conservation, recycling and water & air pollution control to reduce our environmental footprint.
  4. We will implement and regularly monitor metrics for environmental performance.
  5. We will keep apprised of the latest regulatory updates, technology innovations, and corporate bench-marking solutions.
  6. We will annually review our progress in all these areas and update this code as needed.