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Midland Industries will provide you with a fully functional branded e-commerce site, pre-loaded with every item in the Midland Industries catalog. Your customer will place their order on your site and the order will be sent directly to you for fulfillment. You can then fill the order out of your current inventory, or take advantage of Midland’s Private Label Shipping Program.

Midland Industries shipped more than 17,000 orders on a drop ship basis for our customers last year. Our customers TRUST us with their customers!

Use Midland's customized Suite of Marketing Tools to expand and grow your business. We offer all the resources for marketing, order gathering and shipping. If would like to schedule a Sales Meeting , learn more about Midland's Marketing Tools, and/or request a full Marketing Brochure click here.

Brass Catalog Registration


Log in to your Midland account, click on "register for your free ecommerce site", fill out the quick form, and you're on your way.
Shop Brass Catalog, your fully functional branded E-commerce site.


Midland Industries will provide you with a fully functional branded E-commerce site, preloaded with every on of Midland's 15,000+ items.
Customer Cart


Customers order what they need - check out - you are sent an acknowledgement - you decide how it is fulfilled (by you or blindshipped by Midland). Bill your customers like you normally do.
Four free personalized marketing pieces.

marketing materials

Four personalized marketing pieces are created for you to use how and where you need them. Print, tablet, online, and many other possibilities.
Customers can search your site for parts.


Your customers start searching your site for parts they need... click through or search by product name.
Admin page to view users and orders.

admin page

Your admin page shows who is registered and placing orders on your site.



Use your current log-in to register for your new e-commerce site at Log-in and complete the registration. You will need to confirm shipping & billing information, upload your logo, pick your personalized extension name for your landing page, and pick the discount off list price to offer your customers. After you submit your registration information we’ll work very quickly to get your website up and ready for you to promote and take to market.


Use the customized sales & marketing tools available on your new site to help in your marketing efforts. These will be customized with your logo and contact information, downloadable, and printable versions of the line card, pictorial index, product category introductions, marketing brochure, e-commerce brochure, catalog by section, and the full 2018 catalog. All these resources will be available to you to use in marketing your new e-commerce solution. Use them on your mobile device, tablet, print brochures, download to zip drives, and many more possibilities..


Your customer receives your promotional material and is curious. They visit your new e-commerce website. They are impressed! They search through the huge product offering and find a wide variety of products they need at great prices. They use the very convenient shopping cart and order builder to check stock, see pricing, and submit an order to you. You receive an email notification with a link to your company portal on account manager where you can review, confirm, and decide how you want to fulfill your customers order.


Bill your customer, collect the receivable, and enjoy the profitable growth. Then you can continue to promote your new e-commerce solution and share your success stories with all of your customers.