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Custom Catalogs


Whatever the size or scope of your business, Midland has a wide variety of custom catalog options to fit your needs. Using Midland’s newest catalog as a template, we completely customize the look of the catalog to better reach your customers. We currently offer three options; a digital copy, a book with a custom cover and a completely customized version including a custom cover and your business information at the bottom of each page. The process is simple and takes about a month to complete (times may vary due to the printer’s schedule). Work with our designer to customize a catalog that is unique and properly represents your company.

Option A: (FREE) Work with our designer to create a custom digital book in PDF format. Whether you value this option for its portability, its cost, or find it’s environmentally friendly nature refreshing (like a lung full of sweet sweet oxygen) this is the perfect choice if you don’t want to hassle with a printed copy and just want to get to the good stuff.

Option B: ($12 per book) Work with our designer to create a printed catalog with a Custom Cover. You like the heft of a good full sized catalog in your hand and know your customers do too. Choose this option if you feel like judging a book by its cover is perfectly natural. With no minimum quantity this is a great way to promote your company without a lot of cost. 2019 versions do not have pricing.

Option C: ($20 per book – 25 minimum) Work with our designer to create a printed catalog with a Custom Cover and Personalized Pages. You want the satisfaction of having each page lovingly branded with your logo and contact information. Your customers don’t need to waste time searching for your website address because it’s right there, at the foot of almost every page. Pricing can be added and modified (restrictions apply).

If you would like to get custom catalogs of your own, have questions or concerns, click here to get more information.

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