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Save up to 7% when buying online

Life can be summed up in percentile, for some of us 30% of our time is spent working, 28% might be spent sleeping, 2% on the phone, 1.5% of it in meetings etc…

While we can’t change the way you spend your time, we can change the amount of money you save when purchasing online.

Did you know that when you order online from you save 5% every time? Every time. This means that while you may be spending some of that 30% at the office in front of a computer, you can also be saving 5% on that shiny new stainless steel braided lavatory connector you’ve had your eye on. Go ahead, you’ve earned it.

Or while you slowly drift off to dreamland, dream of the 5% you could be saving off of our quality brass union forged tees, now available in that hard to find 3/4″ thread size.

On the phone with your boss or significant other? Casually mention the 5% they could be saving on a Drexel rubber-tip turbo nozzle. They might not appreciate it, but we will.

On top of the 5% you’re already saving, you can save an additional 2% if paying with a credit card.

We don’t care if you are working, sleeping, in a meeting or on the phone, that 7% will be there waiting for you – like a technological Siren song of savings. Ordering online is as easy as logging in to your Midland account and placing an order. If you have questions or need assistance, spend some of that 2% phone time with one of our helpful customer service reps to get started.

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