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Reordering in three easy steps.

Step one: Drink a nice glass of cold water, it’s important to never underestimate the need to hydrate! Even if re-ordering from Midland is convenient and easy, we believe that customer well-being should always come first.

Step two: Now that the dangers of dehydration have been satiated for at least the next hour, click on Order History in the account manager and select the order you wish to view. Drinking water has been proven to increase your brain power and provide energy!

Step three: Feel good about your healthy life choices. Contemplate that gym membership you’ve let slide, you know they keep charging you even if you don’t go. You should take your spouse or significant other, a healthy lifestyle should be shared with those you love. With visions of free weights and treadmills racing through your mind, let your mouse pointer slowly come to rest on the “Add these items to cart (Quick re-order)” button at the bottom of the order details and click. Those items have now been safely and securely added to your cart and you are ready to check out.

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